ADI - Pink Pillz

Directed by Rotem Gridish and Maya Agam

Cinematography - Hen Makhluf

Produced by Roni Schmuckler
Executive Producer - Shir Rosenthal
Production Manager - Aviv Luski
Editing -  Rotem Gridish and Maya Agam
FX and 3D - Rotem Gridish
Color - Maya Agam and Rotem Gridish
Gaffer - Or Azulay
Assistant Cinematograper - Ofir Karlstadt
Assistant Gaffer - Alon Galil
Production Assistant - Polly Muchnik

Hair & Make Up - Naor Appel
Styling - Linor Kahlani
Body Art - Anna Drizo
Jewelry - Gal Vardi
Dancers -  Ziv Reich
                    Mika Ashkenazy
                    Morris Chris Udeh
                    Yoel Lawso
                    David Awurum



Graphic and motion designer,
art director and video editor.
Based in Tel-Aviv, Israel